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Travel Guide is Empty or Blank

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When you open the app on an Apple device, the Travel Guide is empty or blank.


This happens when the Points-of-Interest (POI) database has not yet been downloaded into the app.

When the app is first installed and opened, you are asked to download the POI database. If this step is skipped, or if an error occurs during the download process, then the app does not have the POI database installed.


You can manually download the POI database within the app at any time.

  1. Open the Main Menu (upper-left corner).
  2. Select SETTINGS

This will download the POI database.

NOTE: The first time you download the POI database, it will be a large download. We highly suggest downloading over Wifi. Future updates will only download any available changes/updates to the POI database.


In some cases, Apple devices have an issue during the installation that can cause the Travel Guide to not display. If you followed the above solution and the Travel Guide is still empty, you should follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the Route 66 Ultimate Guide app.
  2. Restart your Apple device.
  3. Download the Route 66 Ultimate Guide app from the Apple App store.
  4. Make sure you ACCEPT all required permissions.
  5. When prompted to download the POI database, select DOWNLOAD NOW.