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iPhone Downloading Database Every Use

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When using the app on your iPhone, it requires you to re-download the POI database every time you open the app. This applies only to Apple iPhones.


This can happen when the Points-of-Interest (POI) database is being deleted by the iPhone’s feature called “Offloading.”

Apple’s offloading feature is built-in to iOS version 11 and above. When enabled, this feature deletes data that it deems as not being used very frequently. We’ve found in some cases that the offloading feature is deleting the POI database when the app is closed.


To disable the offloading feature for the Route 66 Ultimate Guide app, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage
  2. Tap on the Route 66 Ultimate Guide app.
  3. Tap “Offload App” and confirm.
  4. Reboot your iPhone.